The Coaching Process:

Coaching provides a safe, honest, direct and potentially challenging environment where the Client (Coachee) is able to gain deeper insights into themselves, the challenges they face and to generate options for moving forward.

General Information:

  • Each session will be goal focused depending on what the client would like to achieve
  • Flexibility is built in to address current business critical topics
  • Support materials, reading and reference are provided as needed.
  • The coaching relationship is a confidential relationship between coach and coachee. The coach will not disclose any details of the coaching without the consent of the coachee.
  • We adhere to the code of ethics set forth by the ICF (see below)

Transition Coaching for Success Participants (Organization sponsored):

  • Coachee (person being coached)
  • Coach (person coaching)
  • Sponsor (line manager or other key stakeholder of the coachee's organization)

How Coaching works:

    "Chemistry" Meeting (usually 30-60 minutes):
    - this is to determine if there is a good fit between coach and potential coachee and to agree to work together going forward
    Initial Meeting (up to 2 hours):
    - between the Coachee and Coach.
    - To set goals and objectives and gain background information about the Coachee's particular coaching needs.
    - Where the Coachee is being sponsored by the organization, a three-way meeting with the Coachee's sponsor is recommended (to participate in setting goals and objectives)
    Coaching Programme commences:
    - 6 to 7 meetings (incl. "Discovery" - see below)
    - Meet once every 3-4 weeks (approx)
    - If the client is working towards a deadline, meetings may be more frequent.
    - Meetings are 1-1.5 hours in length.
    "Discovery" (usually before the coaching programme commences or very early on):
    - To help Coachee gain personal insight of their impact and as a diagnostic of strengths and preferences. The Discovery Phase may include:
    - Psychometric questionnaires E.g. 360 degree, personality or style inventory etc. or
    - 1 to 1 interviews with a selection of the Coachee's direct reports, peers, and managers. Information is summarised and fedback to the Coachee.
    Programme End:
    - Evaluation meeting (recommended) to discuss progress towards goals and next steps if needed
    - If the coaching has been sponsored by the organisation, we recommend the sponsor to attend as well