High Performing Teams

What defines a High Performing Team?

  • High performing teams know what is expected of them.
  • They support one another and they use conflict creatively.
  • They have energy and enthusiasm for what they are trying to achieve
  • They engage with one another collaboratively
  • They explore the environment around them and bring back to the team what they learn
  • And above all they communicate efficiently and proactively.

    My aim is to build on the capabilities of your team and to capitalise on their strengths and preference - enabling your team to deliver high performance and increase profitability in alignment with your business goals and objectives.

    How does it work?

    Programmes will typically start with a team diagnostic which will include:

    • 1:1 interviews with the team and key stakeholders.
    • Identification of key business deliverables and objectives for the team including the metrics associated with those goals.
    • Profiling of Team Strengths, Blindspots and Opportunities for Development aligned with goal achievement
    • Identification of potential blocks and conflicts
    Once the diagnostics phase is complete, a workshop is usually run to deliver the diagnostic feedback along with the goals and objectives to lay the foundation for future work (usually about 3-4 hours) with a follow-up workshop 2-4 weeks later.

    The work preference tool can also be used in team builds and as a communication / conflict management tool and in team management programmes. More information is available here

    My Approach

    I work with teams wholistically, engaging with team leaders/managers, team members, key stakeholders and other key influencers in the teams success. All conversations are open and candid in nature, but always with respect and with an eye on supporting the team.

    I have been most successful when involving the team at each stage of programme development. This involvemebt is critical in creating an environment of mutual support, trust and engagement - the behaviours we want to develop and promote in the team.