Executive Coaching Services

Your expertise, knowledge and skills contribute to your success and achievements everyday. Change and complexity in the business environment continue to challenge us in the way we work and deploy our expertise. Sometimes, what has made us successful in the past doesn't work for us in the future. Thus to reach our potential; to continue to succeed in our careers and drive our businesses forward, we must learn to think and behave differently.

Executive Coaching is forward facing and focused on helping the client design actions for the future. There is never a one size fits all approach and every coaching programme is unique, goal-oriented and driven by what the client wants to achieve.

Below are some of the areas in which I coach. A typical coaching programme will encompass one or more of the below:

Leadership Coaching

As a leader and a manager your role will be constantly changing, challenging and pushing you to do more with less, take on greater responsibility, manage/lead more people, and to influence with greater skill ... and all the while continuing to focus on building your business. Leadership Coaching focuses on helping you to define your leadership presence and style and to use it to deliver great results.

Transition Coaching

The skills and talent that have helped you succeed in the past may not be enough for the future or that talent may need a bit of fine tuning. Transition coaching focuses on helping leaders transition into new roles e.g. promotion to a new role, onboarding a new executive. Transition coaching focuses on enabling the client to build the foundations of success quickly and effectively.

Performance Management Coaching

Primarily for the line manager who needs to be able to have open and honest feedback conversations with both their star performers and underachieving performers, Performance management coaching helps to prepare clients for sometimes challenging and difficult conversations.

Career Coaching

Starting your career, shifting careers, outplacement? Career coaching helps clients to focus on defining short and long term career objectives, defining professional competencies, identifying barriers to success and developing a career strategy inline with personal values and beliefs. Click here for more detailed information and a sample programme.

Personal Development Coaching

Whether you are trying to create balance in work and life, achieve lifelong ambitions, or just gain deeper insight. Personal coaching is focused on helping clients to develop greater self-awareness, draw deeper insight, and achieve their potential.

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