Solutions for Leaders, Teams and Individuals

ZIA can help you and your organisation build and deliver leadership and management development that fits with your business and your people. Our emphasis is forming a partnership to truly discover what defines success in your organisation then build a programme that is practical and engaging and that has outcomes that can be measured.

Team Development

Getting the most from talented individuals within your team isn't always easy. Many teams are comprised of groups of individuals all working towards their own goals and objectives. Key to your success is aligning goals, delivering on objectives, building trust, managing conflicts, motivating people, coaching and the list goes on. ZIA can work with you to build effective and sustainable high performance in your teams in a way that works for you and your people. Learn more about our High Performing Team workshops here

Lite Bite Skills Building workshops

Lite Bites are built with time poor employees in mind. Recognising that time is precious, these workshops are only 1.5 - 2 hours in length. Lite Bite workshops impart practical tips and techniques and are designed to be used as a "just in time" solution. Almost any topic can be turned into a Lite Bite. Taster sessions are available once a month at the City Business Library at the Guildhall in London. For a current list of workshops visit our homepage.

Sample Lite Bite Workshops from "A Manager's Toolkit" Series:

Skills Workshop for Improved Performance